mandag 13. februar 2012

Kritnarong the binturong


Todays challenge: Use your favorite animal as inspiration.

Problem: I don´t really have one.

However, a friend of mine recently showed me this strange looking animal called a Binturong, and I figured that could be my favorite for a day.

May I present, Kritnarong the Binturong.

Kritnarong is feeling cold. He does not like to feel cold. Feeling cold makes him unhappy. Why is Kritnarong in this unhappy place? Ask Kritnarongs wife, Sudarat!

"It will be exotic", Sudarat says. But exotic does not freeze your paws and tickle your nose with little white flakes. Exotic is warm and sugary with an umbrella, fruit and crust on the rim.

Kritnarong needs an airplane ticket, swimming trunks and some divorce papers.

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