søndag 19. februar 2012

Fuku the ronin

Day 3

Fuku the Ronin:

"Fuku wanders the land, betrayed and alone.

By mastering the way of the sword he will prove his worth. He has destroyed an army of demons, and a 100 of the Shogun´s samurai. Now he is the 11th greatest swordsman that ever lived, and yet no one has ever heard of him.

Why do these bloggers only ever make top 10 lists?"

A two week hiatus after only two posts? Doing something every day was harder than it sounds :)

Todays task was to create something out of paper without scissors or glue, So I twisted some tissue paper to look like a samurai. The name Fuku also means tissue or wipe in japanese according to google translate.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Is that used... tissue? :) Very nice ninja! Top 10, you say? Try making a top 50.000 list. Tell me how far you get!

  2. Well, I used it to make the character, but I guess that´s not what you mean, so no :)

    I´m pretty sure 50.000 would be to much for me. I can´t even do this 365 days thing properly.

    How about you? Want to join the effort? A comic every day for the rest of the year?

  3. Oh, god lord. No, I`m too megalomanic as it is... I have to finish what I have started! To infinity and beyond!