søndag 12. februar 2012

A character a day.

My lovely wife gave me this book about doing a project a day for a year, and I thought: Hey, that´s a great idea!

I´ve been wanting to make more character designs again, but things have kept getting in the way. I figure this book could be a good way to get started.

Of course actually doing it means making a bit of an effort, and being commited is easier for me if I have someone to answer too, so I´ll put the resluts on the interwebs. Then I´ll have the entire world as my judge, or at least as many as I can get to read this blog. Wich will be tons of people, I´m sure.

One more thing about making characters is that they need names and stories, so I´ll make some silly backstory for each of them.

The book gives suggestions about how you should go about doing the project every day so I´ll start out by following those instructions. If at some point I should stop being a lazy person, I might think of some instructions of my own.

So here we go, 356 characters, day one:
"Make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only the materials in your immediate enviroment"

May I present Risotto, Wizard of the order of the napkin. He may have the physique of Twiggy, but he compensates with his mastery of culinary magic. No sorcerer can conjure traditional rice dishes in quite the same way. Of course that´s probably because it isn´t what you would call the mainstream of magical study, but Risotto will tell you that is simply because it´s so devilishly tricky.

His own favorite food is, of course, potatoes.

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